VMworld 2016 Sessions

Come see us at VMworld this year in Vegas.  If you are interested in what VMware is doing in the container space, come see Adam Osterholt, Gary Coburn, Martijn Baecke and I and attend a few of our sessions...

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Docker Lab Installer

In December, I created a VMware AppCatalyst Lab Installer Script which automated the install of HomebrewAnsiblePackerPythonVMware AppCatalystDocker Toolbox and Vagrant. This lab installer also include a customized docker-machine with the VMware AppCatalyst driver included. 

I got to thinking, what if someone just wanted a local lab without AppCatalyst and just wanted the native experience with Docker Toolbox and Kitematic? 

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Consuming platypus

Yesterday, Grant and Roman released their platypus project, which is essentially a very simple and elegant way to provide vRA 7 users the ability to explore it's API without the need to connect to a vRA 7 instance. I personally needed this for another project that I am working on with a colleague so I needed to give this a shot as soon as I can. 

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CTO Ambassador

Last night I received an email that I was anticipating for a while, I was selected to be an Ambassador in VMware's CTO Ambassador Program for the 2016 and 2017 tenure.  Needless to say, I am pretty pumped about the opportunity to contribute back to a community that have a special passion for. 

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New Year and a new adventure, let's do this!

My first 3 years at VMware have been a hell of a ride so far. After starting out as an Account SE covering Enterprise accounts in Calgary and the Prairies, I moved into a Cloud Specialist role covering Western Canada. Looking back on the last few years seems like a blur, after working with so many great customers, colleagues and partners I have gotten used to the extremely fast pace of the company and technology solutions that we deliver to the field.  I have a feeling that I am only just starting down the road of 'fast paced' due to the new role and new specialization that I am moving into. 

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