CTO Ambassador

Last night I received an email that I was anticipating for a while, I was selected to be an Ambassador in VMware's CTO Ambassador Program for the 2016 and 2017 tenure.  Needless to say, I am pretty pumped about the opportunity to contribute back to a community that have a special passion for. 

The CTOA Program is designed to create a strong relationship and feedback loop between the core engineers who code VMware's Solutions and the field facing sales and support organizations that customers interact with on a day to day basis;

The CTO Ambassador program is run by the VMware Office of the CTO. The CTO Ambassadors are members of a small group of our most experienced and talented customer facing, individual contributor technologists. They are pre-sales systems engineers (SEs), technical account managers (TAMs), professional services consultants, architects and global support services engineers. The ambassadors help to ensure a tight collaboration between R&D and our customers so that we can address current customer issues and future needs as effectively as possible.

The diverse collection of individuals in this program is really outstanding, I am looking forward to finding my niche within the program and providing valuable content to customers and colleagues alike.