New Year and a new adventure, let's do this!

My first 3 years at VMware have been a hell of a ride so far. After starting out as an Account SE covering Enterprise accounts in Calgary and the Prairies, I moved into a Cloud Specialist role covering Western Canada. Looking back on the last few years seems like a blur, after working with so many great customers, colleagues and partners I have gotten used to the extremely fast pace of the company and technology solutions that we deliver to the field.  I have a feeling that I am only just starting down the road of 'fast paced' due to the new role and new specialization that I am moving into. 

As of today, I will be joining VMware's National SDE-SET Team covering North America as an Automation and Cloud-Native Applications Specialist.  I am humbled to now be a part of a team that includes some of my mentors and top talents at VMware over the last couple years. I will be the 9th member of the team and will need to pay my dues as the new guy.  I am glad that we have already cleared a lot of the Canadian jokes out of the way but I am sure I can look forward to more 'welcomes' coming for the guys. 

The Cloud-Native Apps Business Unit at VMware is fairly new to the company as was only just recently formed as an official business unit. As many family members have asked, what are Cloud-Native Apps and what does VMware have to do with it? Stick around for more updates and take a look at some of my earlier posts on microservicesdocker and containers.