Working with Project Platypus

This morning , I did a guest post on dailyhypervisor about the recent update on the Platypus Project and I figured that I would do a quick run through on consuming the docker image and playing with the variables.

Working with Platypus is pretty simple; let's use vRealize Operations 6.2 as an example below. 

For this example, I will be leveraging one of my existing docker endpoints that I have already provisioned (

First, I will set my docker host variable with the following command:

export DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// docker

Next, I will run the docker run command and include the product and version variables for vRealize Operations 6.2;

docker run --name platypus --rm -p 80:8080 -e PRODUCT="vrops" -e VERSION="6.2" vmware/platypus

After validating that the pull is complete:

Using a browser, we open up the url of the docker endpoint and start working with the vRealize Operations API:

Find out more about the project at  If you are interested in contributing to the project, simply issue a PR. We would love to hear from you.

Have an idea to improve Platypus ?

  1. Fork the Platypus
  2. Make modifications
  3. Open a PR